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Simple Logo Design

Jan 6, 2011   //   by admin   //   General  //  No Comments

A good and distinctive logo design says everything about your business at a glance.

A logo design of an organisation or business,  is the element of its recognition in the market. Its importance cannot be undermined in any way since it has become mandatory for every business in order to mark its presence in the market and stand out from the competition. Organisations strive hard to get a good logo for themselves. Many of them even spend a huge amount of cash for the design. A repeatedly asked question is that whether a logo design should be simple or not?

It is a much discussed topic and loads of different views are found among individuals regarding it. Many consider that having the name of the business alone in the logo is simplicity while others think that incorporating any graphical illustration in the design is mandatory.

What simplicity is for a logo design?

Is it regarding the expenditure? Is it about having simple colors or images in the logo? Well, we will analyse it one by one.

Thinking that spending less will restrict your design to simplicity, isn’t correct because utilising less money can also make you to compromise on its quality and other features but won’t fulfill the requirements of a simple logo design. It can make the image of your business  suffer greatly. This even doesn’t mean that only a huge amount of money can get you a perfect logo for your business. One should know all his requirements well before getting involved into the process of designing so as to utilise the optimum amount of money with proper strategy. With a good web design company working in tandem with yourselves, this can be a fullfilling and smooth process from start to finish.

Loading up your web design with loads of colors, images and fonts will make it extremely complex for your target customers to understand it. Simplicity is all about how well your customers are able to understand your logo design. A logo which can communicate your business vision and your corporate message easily with optimum colors and image induction into it makes up a simple logo design. Some businesses are required to extend an artistic image through the logo design asking for some big illustration or comprehensive image but as far as it is understandable, it can be termed as simple design.

A design has to build an identity of a business therefore it should be unique so as to stand out among competitors. Making the features to revolve around your corporate vision and limiting it to your corporate fundamentals only will smoothly add simplicity to it. Simplicity doesn’t at all mean not to use the latest technology or trends for a logo design in fact it is necessary to keep the logo up to the mark of latest demands of the market otherwise your customers will not be able to regard your business or product as of high standard.

Simple logo designs are easy to understand and memorize for the target audience. Only a glimpse over it grabs the attention of the customers. The more easily your customers understand your logo, the more they are able to understand your business and can relate to your products. It also helps in gaining the trust of your target audience and pairing up with a professional web design company to assist in all the relevant proceedure you will encounter.

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