SEO Information

What is SEO?  Why is SEO important?  What is involved?  If you find yourself asking these questions then don’t worry we have provided everything you need to know about SEO on this website.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation, which is a bit of a mouth full.  Basically it is the process or getting a website on to the front page of a Google search for specific keywords.

There are many search engines on the Internet but by far the most popular is Google with an estimated 90% share of the market.  The statistics for people searching the Internet is quite phenomenal. 82.5% of the population of the UK are now online according to this study.  If you consider that 90% of those people use Google then that alone should tell you how powerful it is as an advertising tool.

Consider then that 60% of people searching Google never go past the front page of results, and 90% don’t go beyond the third page of results, you can see how valuable it is to be high up in the search positions.  If your website is on page 5, 6 or 10 then the chances are it isn’t going to get found.  If it isn’t found, then it sure isn’t going to make your business any money.

Our job as SEO experts is to use keyword analysis to discover the keywords that are relevant to your business. We then go to work on your website utilizing a process of on page SEO, link building and conversion optimization to ensure that your website is found by people that want to buy your product or service.

Our aim with our clients is to make take note of their website visitors and conversions and use SEO and conversion optimization to enhance and fine tune the website into a money making machine.