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Writing content with the aim of ranking well in the search engines is called SEO copywriting. There is a real skilled involved in writing readable content that both makes sense to the human reader as well as giving the search engines what they need to rank the page high it it’s search results.

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All SEO work has been proven to increase search engine ranking positions, and we work with you to ensure you are kept informed on all the latest SEO developments.

The Art Of SEO Copywriting

Some research is involved in looking at a websites competitors, and researching the subject material. Then a skilled SEO wordsmith will write the content in a way that uses the websites keywords in enough density as not to be too much or too little. Too many keywords is classed as keyword stuffing and in extreme cases can result in a web page getting dropped from the Google index. And too little keywords can result in a search engine (Google) not realizing what the page is actually about.

SEO copywriting requires knowledge of how search engines work, and a skill in the written language.

SEO Copywriting and web marketing

We provide top class SEO content copywriting at fantastic rates. Content is the most important thing that any website possesses. Content is king? When it comes to Google then yes it is. And not only Google. Good content can gain your website higher traffic, increase the amount of websites that link to your website (backlinks), and could have the effect of making your website go “viral” on the Internet.

Viral marketing is the most recent form of SEO, and it involves the web equivelent of word of mouth. If you have some great content on your website, and have the facilities to promote your website via the many social networking platforms that are available, then there is a chance that your website could go viral.

Benefits Of Professional SEO Copywriting

Hiring a professional SEO copywriter has many benefits for your website. First it saves you the time it takes to write your own content. This can be a time consuming and exhausting process, but it is an essential part of a successful website.

Secondly it just isn’t what type of content that is written, but the WAY it is written. Website content needs to be written in a specific way that will help search engines like Google to find your website.

Thirdly it is a difficult process trying to think of ideas on what to write about. It is our job to be creative and there are many angles in which a subject can be approached, and this is a skill in itself. One of our writers is Jessica March who is a leading light in the field of copywriting for SEO.

As experts in SEO we carry our skills over into SEO copywriting. So if you require any content, or articles written for your website and search engine optimisation project, then call us for details.