Pay Per Click and Organic Seo

Google AdwordsOrganic SEO is search engine optimisation that is not paid for but relies on the algorithm directed results of a search engine. However, if you have got a well established SEO company doing your work for you they view organic SEO not just as the results but the techniques used to get those results. If you decide to get a SEO company to do search engine optimisation for you then it is worth your while checking out the methodology that the company uses.

Pay per click, or PPC, is an online advertising tool used on search engines and blogs and the advertisers are given a certain amount of money every time there is a click by users. Google Adwords, MSN Adcentre, Yahoo Search Marketing are some examples.

Pay Per Click Advertising takes place after successful bidding done by the advertiser for certain key phrases or individual words. The amount of the bid varies depending on keyword competition and all search engines are different in the way they approach it. If any web visitor searches the particular key phrase which the particular advertiser has bid for and then clicks on the advert then the advertiser is responsible for paying the amount of the bid. The usual minimum payment or a bid is US$ 0.01 for any key phrase.

A search engine optimization company usually fits in to one or other categories. A “White Hat” search engine optimisation company will use in general a content based approach and will not disrupt the expectations of the major search engines. A “Black Hat” search engine optimisation company will use more of a technology guided angle and quite often they take no notice of rules and regulations and expectations. Which ever way it is approached there is nothing legal or illegal in the picture of things and surprisingly both of them can achieve high rankings. However, a search engine optimisation company that attaches to the word “organic” its true meaning, believes that the “Black Hat” technique is not organic SEO at all.

To a search engine optimisation company, organic means the development of a set of tactics and the movement forward which entails reaching a peak. This approach precisely describes the angle taken to achieve long lasting results in through the selection executed by search engines.

Once a business or an organisation has been given a rank on the first page of a search engine’s search results then consumers searching for that site will expect it to be listed on the first page so there is no necessity to bookmark the company website.

This, overall, is the desired outcome for many businesses and through the using of organic seo methods it could be realised sooner rather than later. If other methods are used then the results might not turn out as predicted and hoped.

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