SEO Company and Search Engine Optimisation

Deep Space Design are an SEO company based near London and Gatwick in the UK and serving clients across the World.  We stand out among other SEO companies due to the fact that we pay particular attention to conversions rather than just being concerned about rankings.   We have a core team based in our offices in Gatwick but have contacts across the world that we can turn to for our SEO campaigns.  If you are looking for an SEO company that is dedicated and produces guaranteed results then Deep Space are the SEO experts you are looking for.  We put quality at the top of our agenda and it is because of this that we never take on too many clients.  We limit the amount of SEO clients that we manage at one time so that we can target our concentration on results.

We have No Fixed Contracts

We don’t tie our clients down on fixed contracts and operate on a rolling monthly basis. We do however recommend a minimum 3 months to start seeing results and ideally a minimum of 6 months to start seeing the full effects of SEO.



Search Engine Optimisation: SEO, So What Is It?

Search engine optimisation is the process or hiring an SEO company, or professional to work on a website so that it achieves high rankings on a search engine.  

Successful SEO companies use a combination of  link building, on page configuration and good content. The benefits are increased website visibility search engines, which leads to higher traffic, better brand awareness and ultimately greater success for your business.  Successful SEO is achieved over a prolonged length of time and is not a quick fix solution.  

The best SEO companies will recommend a minimum of 6 months constant work on a website to produce lasting results.  There are many SEO companies around that give SEO a bad name through either using unethical or “black hat” techniques to get their clients ranking on Google, and then subsequently getting them banned, or through taking money from their clients and not delivering results.  It can be a bit of a minefield for businesses that are looking for the best SEO company for them and we completely sympathise with that.  This is why we say the best way to judge an SEO company is on their results and their testimonials and not on their sales talk.

SEO Is The Best Way To Generate Business With Your Website

We are an SEO company who offer top placed search engine optimisation services throughout the UK and internationally. SEO is the best way  to generate extra business through your website and although other forms of web marketing have their place it is SEO that by far delivers the best results.  A good SEO company will work with you to select the most effective keywords to target and should be flexible enough to spot trends as and when they appear along an SEO campaign.  We study the performance of our SEO everyday to see which is the best direction to take and will deliver the best results in the quickest time for our SEO clients.  This is what has made us one of the most sought after SEO companies in the UK.

An SEO Company With A Conscience

At Deep Space Design we have a team of dedicated SEO professionals constantly working on all the key areas of SEO for our clients.  We are constantly evaluating performance and tweaking on page and off page strategies to ensure high rankings are achieved and maintained.  We take every account we take on personally and work longer and harder if we feel the campaign isn’t producing the results we feel it should. As an SEO company we have a conscience about the work we do and this is the reason why we limit the number of clients we have on our books at any one time.  We never want to overstretch ourselves and under deliver on any of our clients expectations.  

 Why Is SEO So Important?

A professional website that has been optimised correctly is by far the smartest investment you can make.  Using SEO to drive traffic to your website, then using conversion optimisation to convert that traffic into sales can be a complicated process.  Luckily for our clients that is a process that we are fully immersed in.  What helps us is we are not just an SEO company.

We also design and build websites, so unlike other SEO companies that might miss the key ingredients that go into a successful website we always ensure all bases are covered.


Our Report and study

All good search engine optimisation practice starts with a thorough report and analysis. This means studying the most effective keywords, and working out a strategy that will get your website on to the front page of Google for those keywords.  Good reporting also involves studying the competition and the market to get a clear picture of the job at hand.  Although SEO is all about getting on to the front page and ranking highly, it is vital that this is achieved as quickly as possible and for the right keywords.  We want our websites to convert new business for our clients, so unlike many SEO companies we don’t consider our job finished when a website hits the front page.  We want the website to pay for itself and this is where our conversion rate optimisation comes into effect.

Our reports include search engine positions, visitor tracking and conversion tracking via so that our clients can see what we are doing, how their website is improving and where their extra business is coming from.  All this comes down to transparent reporting and most of the praise we get from our clients comes from the fact that we not only deliver results, but the way we deliver results is easy to understand.

There Is So Many SEO Companies So Why Choose Us?

We at Deep Space Design guarantee to excell with our clients. We always go the extra mile to help and we take each of our clients needs personally.  We know that sometimes it’s hard to find the right SEO company for your business and that’s why we focus on delivering the correct solution to suit our clients needs.  Our aim is for our clients website to make money for their business and for the service we perform to pay for itself.  We have a symbiotic relationship with our clients because we know that our success stems from their success.  This is why our clients know that we will only do what is best for their business. This means ethical search engine optimisation that is white hat and will not risk gaining any Google penalties.  Our leading SEO experts ensure we deliver results time and time again, and we build for the long term interests of our clients.