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Article linksThe internet shares some of the constant demands for information as does any conventional media, but unlike TV, newspapers and radio, it has become the realm of both amateur and professional contributor alike. This creates the opportunity for using article writing to help promote one’s website. Article marketing is very much part and parcel of a good web design strategy. So, what is involved in article marketing?

Article marketing involves composing pieces of writing between 300 to 600 words long. The articles are written about a particular subject area that comes within the experience and expertise of the writer and is addressed to a specific target audience using a clear writing style, often with bulleted or numbered points. The articles usually contain a number of keywords that are relevant to the target audience. The articles are then published on one or more of the numerous online article directories, usually for free, but occasionally for a small fee.

As for the article directories, they come in a number of different categories and the content writer must be selective about which particular category of directory that the article that has been written should be submitted to. In addition to the article itself, the directory allows for information about the author, keywords and the website link to be incorporated as well as any business information that is relevant. Each content article usually has a small biographical box at the bottom which gives details about the author.

The directories normally have a small staff complement that assesses each article as it comes in and reviews its usefulness and legibility before making sure that it is posted on the directory site. One may wonder at this stage how all this article writing ever has any effect on potential visitors to one’s own website. One reason is that the directories themselves enjoy a much better visible presence on the internet than your own website alone and this is where the article or articles that you have had written might be more likely to be read. Any reader of your article might spot the website link and then decide to visit your website as a result. The article directories have this sort of exposure because their sites are particularly content rich.

A second and perhaps more significant reason is that the article directories act as a source of content specific articles which are a good resource for e-zine publishers and other website owners who are always eager for new and informative information to put on their own sites. The articles posted in article directories are almost always free for use elsewhere as long as they are not modified and the original writer’s information box with the links are kept intact. This is another way in which back links to your own site can multiply.

In addition to article directories, there is another avenue available for publishing your articles and that is via other websites and blog posts. This does mean a bit more work and you would have to search through what sort of websites and blog posts would actually have any overlap with your subject area and communicate with them directly in order to ask permission for your articles to be published in those locations.

In this way the articles you write or have written for you have multiple pathways and generally the greater the number of opportunities for them to be seen and read by the greatest number of visitors, the greater the effect on boosting traffic to your site and business.

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