Updating Your Website

When a new website is first set up with that initial burst of energy and enthusiasm, it seems easy to inject it with what it takes to keep it up in the rankings. Every website that requires a reasonable exposure needs reinvigorating every so often with new content and a new look. This is certainly an opportunity to engage a company like web design Surrey to have a look at your website and what it has been dong for your business and coming up with a new set of strategies.

One of the things that you can do by yourself is to have a look at a freshly created ranking report on all the possible links and web addresses that you think are a suitable innovation for your site. This information will be able to give you some guidance about what is or what is not going to be of value to you as you restructure your site. An overall picture of how your site is working at the moment is also a good idea. What keywords do you use which are working well and which ones aren’t, what links are you using that help to direct traffic to your site. You may find that large parts of what you already have are actually giving you sufficiently good exposure in the rankings and do not need to be changed.

When this has been done make sure that anybody who is engaged in your web restructure is fully conversant with good seo techniques. If somebody who has been set aside to be working on your home page decided that it has too much text and would look far more appealing with anew Flash presentation then you should be rightly concerned. The people who work on your website need to think seo all the time and have to have the experience to match. Especially if your website basically needs to be tweaked and already is getting a good exposure in the rankings you certainly don’t want to make wholesale changes that are going to have unknown effects.

It’s a good idea to keep your website pruned of obsolete web pages. This is especially important when you have had web pages set aside to promote or to inform about products that you do not offer any longer or which are obsolete. These web pages need to be removed otherwise they are either going to be confusing or simply give the message that you are not running your website efficiently enough. Just remember that Google or any other search engine that has you indeed isn’t necessarily going to remove the links to those dead web pages, which makes it very confusing for any member of the public who is searching for them. Make sure that there is a 301 redirect on any of those discontinued web pages.

Whatever changes you think will be good for your website should be run through with your web design or seo consultant. Even if you are thinking of introducing new content for your business it’s a good idea getting their opinion or even getting them to furnish content for you.

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