Keywords are the words and phrases that people type in to search engines like Google in order to find the product or service that they are searching for.  The keywords for your website are the words that describe your service or product and it is vital that your website is found when people carry out a search for your keywords.  If a person is looking to buy a mobile app for example, and your business provides mobile apps, then your main keyword would be “mobile apps”.  After this other keywords that are important and will generate extra business for your company would be “mobile apps service”, mobile app company”, “buy mobile app” and so on.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important things in an online SEO or marketing campaign.  Selecting the right keywords can be the difference between success and failure on the Internet, and it isn’t always an obvious choice.  The art to selecting the best keywords is to select the keywords that are highly searched but have low competition.  This isn’t as easy as it may sound and requires a thorough investigation.

There are many keyword tools available that track and provide statistics on what people are searching and how often.  There is for example which is great for providing data on searches, including how much the keywords will cost in a pay per click Adwords campaign.  There are various other keyword tools and we make it our duty to check them all to get as broad an assessment as possible as to what keywords to select for our SEO campaigns.