Why We Love WordPress

WordpressWe love WordPress here at Deep Space for so many reasons.  As a CMS it is an excellent platform with all the functionality required for content management.  As a blogging platform it is second to none.  As the basis for a website it is the choice the experts.

Reasons to Love WordPress

  • Seo friendliness
  • Ease of use
  • Social media capabilities
  • Automation makes automated posting and networking a breeze. 
  • With millions of active users it is supported by legions of developers 

SEO Benefits

The code produced by WordPress is very SEO friendly and clean.  On top of that is the wide range of plugins developed by SEO experts that tick all the requirements needed for a highly SEO friendly website. Titles, descriptions, meta tags, sitemaps, Google Analytics and all you could possible need for SEO is catered for by WordPress plugins.

Social Benefits

There are huge possibilities available for social networking with WordPress.  There are tons of plugins available that allow for Tweeting, Facebook Likes, YouTube embedding and much more.  The we we like most about WordPress for social networking though is that it can be configured to auto tweet and post to Facebook and updates you make to the website.  This means that all you have to be concerned about is updating your website and WordPress will take care of your social updates for you.

All in all WordPress is a wonderful thing and we can only forever be grateful to its creators for given us such a great gift.


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