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Web Presenters For Websites, Web Video And Flash

The Next Generation Of Websites

The latest developments in web design is to have a live web presenter to introduce your website. A human web presenter can offer a friendly welcome to your visitors and has been proven to extend the time a visitor will stay on the page, and can boost sales conversions by as much as 70%. Web video with web presenters are getting more and more popular, and at the moment are giving companies a competitive edge over their competitors. We have the best web presenters available and can provide your website with a web video and presenter for a fantastically affordable price.

Web Presenters Bring Your Website To Life


A professional web presenter with voice can bring your website alive and offer a friendly face to your visitors. Web presenters can be used to show case products, offer demonstrations or just as a welcome greeting. Interaction between Flash, or web elements and a web presenter can also offer an impressive addition to a web page and actually help with your website navigation.


Our aim is to make web videos and advertisements affordable to all. Generally a 30 second video with a professional website presenter is enough to deliver the message of a website. The blend of visual and audio can say more in 30 seconds than many pages of text.


Affordable, Accessible – Website Presenters

There are many ways in which a web presenter can be used on your website. They can walk on with a full body video shot and introduce your website and its services. Or they could be part of an image and seen from the waist up. They can demonstrate products and services with the skill and clarity that only a professional presenter can convey. Contact us to find out how a web presenter can be best utilized for your website. You would be surprised at how affordable it is.


Marketing research has shown that people who surf the Internet have limited attention spans. For example there is the famous three seconds that a website has to grab a visitors attention. A great way to achieve this is when the user is faced with a web video. Its a natural instinct to want to press that play button! Then the reassurance of a human voice explaining the product or services puts the visitor in a place where they feel comfortable, with the end result being higher conversion rates.