How Much Should You Pay?

As part of our report and study we provide an advisory of what budget we feel would be required to maximize the effects of an SEO campaign. We base our costs on how much time and effort is put into an SEO campaign and obviously the bigger the budget the more time it allows us to spend on the project. Large companies can pay anything from £1000 per month to £2000 and upwards for SEO, and when compared to the costs involved in a Pay Per Click campaign this can be considered cheap.

We always advise a budget that the client can afford, but we do say that a minimum of £200 per month is required to see improving results. For clients on a small budget it may be advisable to target one keyword at a time and this can be achieved on £200 per month. It all depends on the keywords involved as to what budget is advisable, and we always provide an advisory budget that we feel would suit the client best, but ultimately the decision is the clients alone.

Smaller Packages: £200-£300 per month

Some clients need to see results before they can afford to spend on SEO and for these we recommend a budget of around £200 per month.  This allows us to lay the foundations for the campaign, which includes installing and configuring , assessing the best keywords to target, implementing necessary on page SEO, configuring and optimizing Google Places,  and carrying out targeted link building.  The difference between a smaller package when compared to larger packages are mainly time scales.  It will take longer to see results on a smaller package as we are limited to time scales.  We set up all of our campaigns in such a way as to target keywords which will produce results the quickest, and we have many clients on small packages that have generated conversions and have been happy to increase their budget when they see the extra business the campaign is generating for them.

Medium Packages:  £400-£800 per month

Our medium sized packages are optimal for small to medium sized business and are designed to enter a more competitive market.  We carry out all of the services above but can carry out our link building strategies on a grander scale which produces results quicker.  This budget allows us to target the more competitive keywords and produce results for these quicker than on a smaller budget.  Competitive keywords generate higher searches and drive more visitors to your website.  The more visitors a website gets, the higher the conversions and the more business that is generated for the client.

Elite Packages:  £1000-upwards per month

Our elite packages are for companies that want to rank well in a competitive industry and see results relatively quickly.  Ranking highly for a competitive keywords takes consistent work both in generating content for the website and building backlinks. The higher the budget the more of this can be achieved and the faster you will see results.  There is much that can be done in web marketing such as social media marketing, video marketing and so on.  For large companies that want to make a real impact on the web and dominate in there respective industries a wide web and SEO marketing campaign needs to be carried out over longer period of time.  This is achievable  and will require a considerable budget when compared to small to medium sized businesses.