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Voice Overs For Websites – London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Voice Over Artists

Websites and web media have come on leaps and bounds since the 1990s. We are now well in to the 21st century and the rapid development of web technology is about to be implemented into websites across the world. Professional voice overs are just one aspect of this development and are being used to enhance the overall experience for visitors. There are three important reasons for having a voiceover on your website:

Accessibility: Search engines are developing more towards providing accessible content to users with disabilities. People with disabilities rely on the Internet even more than able bodied people, as the things we take for granted like going to the shops or socializing are much harder for them. Blind people for example have Braille keyboards and speech recognition software to enable them to use voice. A voiceover on your website listing your services and containing your contact details would therefore make your product or service highly attainable.

Search engine optimization: SEO is a vital part of a website if the company relies on making online sales. Being found by search engines and delivered high in the search results is an ongoing process that requires your website to constantly maintain an edge over your competitors. Google has now introduced speech recognition capabilities where users can actually search for spoken words. This means that it can read and index videos and sound files. Having a voiceover on your websites means more indexable data for Google, therefore greatly increasing your website’s chance of a good ranking position.

Increased sales: Increased usability, and elements like video and voice that humanize the web have been proven to increase sales. The web is moving more towards these humanizing elements and search engines are favouring them, so the smart companies are getting in early.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, and maintain a competitive edge, then your website needs to change with the times. We are constantly striving to provide our clients with the arsenal that will keep them ahead of the pack, and web video and voiceovers are a powerful weapon. It is still early days and if you want your company to maximise it’s potential then the smart move is to make the most of this technology BEFORE your competition. We provide an excellent service with voice over artists,web presenters and web video at highly affordable rates (cheaper than all of our competition) and can help your company race ahead. Contact us for details.