SEO Report and Analysis

Stage 1: Analysis and Report

Keyword Analysis: We use keyword analysis tools including Google’s own keyword tool to decide the best keywords to provide the best return on investment.  Higher competitive keywords take more effort and time to rank for so we may suggest to aim for some lesser competitive keywords that will still provide a return and will be quicker to rank for, whilst improving the overall authority of the website.  With the overall domain authority higher the more competitive keywords can then be targeted.  Correct keyword selection is vital for a successful SEO campaign.

Client Website Study: We study our client’s website to check the current condition of on page and off page SEO.  We use Open Site Explorer to establish the domain authority and the number of backlinks currently pointing to the website.  Open Site Explorer is a good guide as regards to domain authority and backlinks but isn’t conclusive as there is no software available to get a 100% accurate report of the backlinks on a website.

Client Competition Study: We study the websites that our clients will be competing against to get an idea of how they compare. We can then gauge what we need to do to compete with them and to beat them in the ranking.

Report and Evaluation: We then draw up a report that outlines the current state of our client’s website and position on Google for the keywords we’ve selected, and provide details of three of the main competitors.  This will be followed by a monthly report that outlines the progress being made, in both Google rankings and visitor counts according to Google Analytics. Our reporting ensures that everything is completely transparent and progress can be easily charted and checked by the client.

Stage 2: On Site Implementation

After the initial keyword analysis and report we set up a Google account for the client and install Google Analytics on all of the pages of the website to allow for visitor tracking.  We then go through the pages and make any on page SEO changes that are required. This may include adding extra pages to the website if required.

Stage 3:  Link Building (ongoing)

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are vital in laying the foundations for a successful SEO campaign, but Stage 3 is where the work really begins.  We begin our link building campaign by writing articles on the niche we are targeting and begin submitting them across our network of over 2000 article websites.  We also post articles containing contextual links to our network of high authority blogging websites. We also target related blogs and post relevant comments on them to acquire backlinks.  We utilize social bookmarking and RSS feeds to support the links that we build and give them extra weight with Google.  We do all of this continuously and regularly making sure not to overdo it and risk any type of Google penalty.  This form of link building will then begin to increase the domain authority of the website and increase its position in the Google rankings.

Costing:  How Much Should You Pay?

As part of our report and study we provide an advisory of what budget we feel would be required to maximize the effects of an SEO campaign.  We base our costs on how much time and effort is put into an SEO campaign and obviously the bigger the budget the more time it allows us to spend on the project.  Large companies can pay anything from £1000 per month to £2000 and upwards for SEO, and when compared to the costs involved in a Pay Per Click campaign this can be considered cheap.  We always advise a budget that the client can afford, but we do say that a minimum of £200 per month is required to see improving results. For clients on a small budget it may be advisable to target one keyword at a time and this can be achieved on £200 per month.  It all depends on the keywords involved as to what budget is advisable, and we always provide an advisory budget that we feel would suit the client best, but ultimately the decision is the clients alone.

How Long Will We Have To Pay For SEO To See Results?

We always recommend a minimum of 3 months SEO to yield beneficial results.  Many keyphrases we work on can reach the front page within this time frame, and for the more competitive ones that don’t we are in a better position to estimate how long it will take.  We don’t work on fixed contracts and all monthly SEO is based on a rolling contract that can be stopped at any time.

What Happens After You Reach The Front Page?

When your website reaches the front page spot of Google and is generating an income there is a chance it may retain it’s position over time without any further SEO work. However in the more competitive fields there may be further SEO work required to maintain its position.  In this scenario we would generally charge a maintenance fee per month to keep your website profitable.