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Web marketing and SEO techniques

Sep 13, 2008   //   by admin   //   General  //  No Comments

Blogs and Blogging!

Yes we all know about blogging. Blogs are the phenomena of the Internet and it seems like everyone is at it. This is partly because blogging is so easy. You don’t need a wealth of computing experience to be able to set up a blog, and with Blogger and WordPress even the most seemingly computer illiterate people can set up their own blog.

Although its so simple a weblog is an important part of a web marketing campaign, and helps a great deal towards SEO (search engine optimisation). Search engines love content. Content is king! A blog gives a company an easy way to keep adding fresh, keyword rich content to their webspace.

Blogs are imortant for web marketing and SEO

A blog can be set up so that its a seamless transition from the main website (like ours!), and can provide links to and from the website, and act as an important extension to the content. We at DeepSpaceDesign can set up a blog to work along side our customers website, and with a little induction to the admin area our customers can add as much content as they like. This includes pictures, videos, music and other ways that they feel is important to communicate the services they offer. Give us a call to find out more, and you too can be blogging on the Internet!

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