SEO for New Websites

SEOIf you have a new website that is designed for the public to view, browse items and purchase goods or services online, you are probably beginning to wonder how on Earth anybody is ever going to find it among all the other hundreds of websites that are offering something similar to yours. The short answer to that question is the three letter word SEO.

The long answer to that question is that if you rely totally on people searching the search engines, then the only way your website is going to be recognised is if it appears on the first page of a search i.e. Amongst the top ten, or preferably, the top five in the listings. There are of course many other ways you can advertise your website, some of which may be using the internet and others might be conventional non internet based methods, all of which will cost money. Of course getting your site to a point where it is spotted amongst the search engine top ten will also cost money as it is likely that you will have to pay a SEO company to optimise your website for you, with no particular guarantee that it is ever really going to make much difference. The tactics listed below are some of the now time honoured ways of optimising your site.

Put relevant and interesting content onto your website. It pays to have a look at what the other websites in your category have on display, particularly those that are currently ranking well and ponder how you can match their content with that of your own. To stand a chance, the content on your site should have some uniqueness as well as being of intrinsic usefulness and interest to potential readers.

Choose keywords for your web pages that will really make a difference. Imagine that you yourself are a potential visitor to your site and think what keywords are likely to be of significance. Use general keywords at first rather than being too specific.

Work at getting as many top quality back links to your web pages listed somewhere and everywhere. It’s hard to get anywhere in the search engine rankings without having sufficient quantity of quality back links. These links can be from articles that you have published in article directories or social networking sites or from other websites that already have a high standing in the rankings.

Make the navigation system on your website easy to use. Visitors must be able to find their way around your website easily and locate what they want on it. The longer they stay on your website, the more likely it is that it will get a better ranking. Visitors will stay longer and return more readily to a site that has a good navigation system and, for a large website, a decent search map facility.

Use a professional SEO company to help you optimise your site. Your website has competition and each competitor is out to get the biggest share of the market just the same way you are. As you are new on the net you are going to find it hard to do all of the things you need to do to boost your search engine ranking totally by yourself.

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