Apple Mac Computer and Graphic Design Training

Apple Mac computer and graphic design training UK, London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. As a design company we are in the great position of being able to pass our knowledge on to clients enthusiastic about learning. We have an award winning designer than for the past few years has been leaning more in towards teaching than hands on design work. Luckily we have a few highly skilled designers so we can afford to put together some training packages.

Apple Mac Training

As the Apple Mac is the computer of choice for graphic design, this is the computer we are most skilled with, and understand the operating system and applications inside out. We offer both one to one Apple Mac lessons, and group courses at our HQ. Browse through the links above to see what would suit you best.

Graphic Design Training

We have seen an increased demand for graphic design training and with this in mind have put together some training packages. We offer both one to one training and group course at our HQ in Crawley, West Sussex. In graphic design we work mostly with three software packages made by Adobe. These are: Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. Browse the links above to learn more about what we offer on our graphic design courses.