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We offer fantastic deals on printing business cards for your business. Business cards are a vital ingredient for a successful business, and help to promote your company name in the community. We have happy clients throughout London, East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent that have benefited from our business card print and designs.


Business cards can be printed in many weights and styles. Contact us to find out what style of business card would best suit your business.


All marketing literature is important, and is an effective way to carry across your company branding. We provide flyers, leaflets, brochures and more from concept, through to design and print.


Business Cards - A History 

Business cards were called "tradecards." They were given out in 17th century London as advertising. Tradecards often contained a map to direct customers to the place of business.

Salesmen were among the first to require a more professional cards to introduce themselves. Visiting cards were for personal use, while tradecards had advertised entire businesses.

The business cards was the ideal blend of the two.


Business cards contained professional contact information, while only a first and last name appeared on a calling cards. It was considered inappropriate to use calling cards and business cards interchangeably.


Apparently this was originated in Europe, France in particular, where it was typical for a gentleman or a lady in the 19th century to carry a cards. It was a common thing amongst everyone in Europe at the time. At this time in Europe the business cards was freely given out to all, by just about everyone, as a hello, or an ice breaker. These cards were not too different from todays business cards, as you could imagine.


Pretty much every business cards has the same basic information on it. That is because it is the core of what makes the business cards such a powerful tool in marketing yourself, a business, service, or some sort of merchandise. What started in Paris in the 19th century and was then brought to the UK about the same time.

Types of Business Cards  

Business cards are printed on a variety of weighted and textured board and can be gloss laminated or matt laminated. We also offer the option of business cards printing in spot colours should you have a specific colour or a corporate identity you need matching.

Our low cost leaflets, folded leaflets, flyers, laminated business cards and stationery packs are available to order online via our website but if you don't see exactly what you want please feel free to contact us through the website where you can send us a bespoke quote on business cards printing or you can request to speak with us if you prefer. 

Business cards - free, or paid for?

Free business cards, or nearly free business cards. If you are not too worried about the feel or quality of your business cards, then the many free business cards offerings available could be just right for you. It's worth remembering though, business cards that have been designed, printed, quality-checked and delivered to your home address will often reflect what you have paid for them. If you've only paid a few pounds, then you will probably end up with a very thin piece of board that can be embarrassing to see your name on. A minimum weight you should be looking for on a business cards is 350gsm. A top-quality board will be around 400gsm. A free one, or 'cheapie' could be around 200gsm and will usually 'advertise' the supplier's name on the reverse!


Business cards from Deep Space Design  

Check out all of our business cards services offering a wide range of paper and finishing options. We offer digital printing for small runs, litho printing for medium sized runs and web offset printing for large printing runs. We also have a comprehensive list of finishing options for your Business cards. We offer both digital and litho (offset) printing services to our clients. In these pages you will find some of the most popular products, however our range of services include web offset printing and numerous finishing techniques. So if you cannot find the product or quantity you are looking for contact Deep Space Design for all your Business cards.


Business cards marketing to your front door


Business cards Distribution Stimulates Growth

Business cards distribution campaigns are helping companies return to periods of growth.

For a relatively small advertising expenditure, a targeted London printing drop will create brand awareness and increase sales.


Whether the distribution is to a local area or a regional area, a well designed and presented Business cards, will give the householder the confidence to contact you the company.

Many companies reduce their printed flyer distribution programs through August. This however can benefit those companies who continue to flyer drop as there is a marked reduction in the number of other items delivered.


So the message here is…. take advantage of the quieter distribution season and stay ahead of the competition.  Read our testimonials to hear why our happy customers return time and time again to buy business cards from.


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Business cards To Your Door

We at Deep Space Design guarantee to deliver your business cards anywhere in the UK, and our turnaround times are usually within 3-5 working days.


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