PPC Pay Per Click SEO/ Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Pay Per Click PPC SEO?

Pay Per Click or PPC Search engine optimisation is the process of working the paid listings on search engines such as Google to obtain the best results. The idea behind PPC lies in the sponsored results on the search engine. Website owners make a bid of anything between 1p to £5.00, or possibly more for every click their advert receives while it is on the front page of the search listing. With some keywords receiving 50 or even 100 clicks per day it can get very expensive very quickly and this is why there is an art to a successful PPC campaign.


The Benefits Of Pay Per Click SEO

The benefits of Pay Per Click is instant results. Most search engines including Google tend to hold a website back from the front page of a search for the most competitive key phrases for up to and over a year. With PPC a brand new website could effectively be on the front page of Google and generating a revenue within hours of it being built.


PPC SEO Packages

We've put together various packages for a Pay Per Click SEO campaign for our clients. Each website and industry is different with regards to search engine optimisation, and different tactics are needed. For as little as £80 per month over three months your website may start generating a healthy income.


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