Social Networking And SEO/ Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Social Networking?

Social networking is networking with people over the Internet via various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. There are hundreds of networking platforms on the Internet but those four are at the forefront and are serious players in the world of Internet social networking.


The Benefits Of Social Networking For SEO

There are huge benefits for social networking on the Internet, not only for spreading the word about your company or brand and gaining new clients, but also in terms of search engine optimisation. Google has made no secret of the fact that it is counting popularity on social websites as part of it's algorithm for indexing websites and search placements. It takes time to build up a following on a social network site, but the big players are definitely here to stay and the sooner a new business starts utilizing these platforms the better.


Social Networking Packages

We've put together various packages for managing a social networking SEO campaign for our clients. For as little as £50 per month over three months your website can get a foothold in this media phenomenon.


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