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Deep Space Design offers you unique and powerful brochure design services which help you to showcase your company products or services to the prospective buyer in an impressive way. You can be assured that the team at Deep Space Design will give 100% commitment to all our customers and keep you invovled with all aspects of brochures until the brochure is delivered to your door.

Brochures: Layout and design 

How to design and layout a brochure designing a basic brochure - how hard can that be? For good graphic designers, the answer is a lot tougher than you think.

Even for the most basic type of brochure, before you ever put pencil to paper or click your mouse, there is essential information the client and you need to discuss.
The first thing you need to know is the purpose of the brochure or what the client wants that brochure to accomplish.


That ties directly into who the target audience is and what the message of the brochure will be. There are three main types of brochures and in each case; the cover is used to accomplish a specific goal.


The three types of brochures are those that are used to advertise or market, those that educate or inform, and those that entertain.

For a brochure whose primary purpose is to advertise or market products and services, the cover will most likely have two parts: a catchy phrase that grabs the potential customer’s attention, and then lists the benefits of the product (what will this product do for me?).

In the instance of a brochure that is primarily educational or informative, the product generally appears on the cover with the information of what it does or can do listed inside.

The entertaining brochure is used the least.


You might see it in a family-style restaurant, for example, and it contains puzzles, drawings, etc. for kids to keep them occupied. The next thing you and the client need to decide is the number of panels in the brochure, which is influenced by a number of factors. Some questions to consider,

How much information will be in this brochure?
How is this brochure going to be used?
Is there a bleed?
Is the brochure going to be of a unique design that might include die-cuts or unusual folding?
Will the brochure be a direct mail piece?
If so, what are the postal regulations for the size and mailing costs?
budget for the brochure?

Designers need to get the parameters and specifications from the client before they proceed, as these may greatly affect the cost.


Printers can also be a tremendous resource in explaining how a brochure’s parameters and specifications will affect everything from the size of paper a brochure is printed on, to trimming, folding, and special cuts.


Once those decisions are made, the graphic designer and client need to discuss what is often referred to as the “hierarchy of information” or what’s the order of information; starting with the most important and moving onto the least. At this stage, you’ll need to know on which panel or panels information is being placed. In some brochures, information (particularly photographs and maps) can go across two panels to striking effect. At the same time, when thinking about how the brochure will be laid out, consider whether each individual panel will hold distinct information or are the panels related?

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Brochures: marketing to your front door

Brochures: Distribution Stimulates Growth

Brochure campaigns are helping companies return to periods of growth.

For a relatively small advertising expenditure, a targeted London printing drop will create brand awareness and increase sales. Whether the distribution is to a local area or a regional area, a well designed and presented Brochure campaigns will give the householder the confidence to contact you the company. Many companies reduce their brochure printing distribution programs through August. This however can benefit those companies who continue to flyer drop as there is a marked reduction in the number of other items delivered.

Brochures: To Your Door

We at Deep Space Design guarantee to deliver your printed brochures anywhere in the UK. Time restrictions on the delivery of brochures will depend on the amount of brochures involved and the design of the brochures finalised ready for printing. Usually this process from initial contact to the brochures arriving at your door, will take no longer than 8 days.


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