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Web Design And Hosting

Along with our excellent web design service we offer free web hosting. All websites that are live on the World Wide Web need to be hosted on a web server so it can remain active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Web hosting packages can vary wildly in price, which is why we offer our clients reliable and cost effective hosting along with our web design service.

We offer:-

All web designs are unique and we work with you to ensure you have a design you can be proud of.

Web Hosting And SEO

Selecting the right host for your website can have an impact of the SEO of your websites performance. The speed of the server your website is hosted on is important, but most important of all is the uptime. Some web hosts can be unreliable, which results in your website being down for sporadic periods of time. This can be fatal for your search engine optimisation goals, as if Google was to try reaching your website while it's down, it could result in your website being dropped from the Google index.

Also the region of your host can make a difference to the SEO performance of your site. If your website is hosted on a server in the country that you are targeting, it can have an advantage to your regional search engine ranking positions.

Web Design Hosting And Services Tailored For Your Business

We create web designs from scratch to the specifications provided by our clients. This generally involves creating a few concepts and then tinkering with them until we have something that our clients are really proud of. For a cheaper alternative to a custom web design we also offer attractive website templates that can be adapted to suit any business.

So for a web design and hosting company that will not let you down please contact us today.

Web design and hosting

There are both good and bad companies out there in cyberspace, and in the real world. There are cheap web design companies, and expensive web design companies.

It is very difficult when choosing which web design company is best for your website. We at DeepSpaceDesign put customer service at the head of our agenda, so we can assure our clients that we will deliver them a website both they and we can be proud of.

Our clients are spread across the entire southeast, with happy customers throughout London, east and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and they are all happy with our design services.

tel Telephone: or , or get a Quote Online.

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