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Ready made websites with SEO

October 5, 2008

We at DeepSpaceDesign have decided to offer ready made websites made available to small businesses that are maybe wary to take their first step onto the Internet. Purchasing a website which has been fully designed and search engine optimised can be quite an expensive process, and its understandable that small businesses want to see if they’ll get a return on their investment before taking that plunge. That is why we’ve decided to build our own websites to suit various small businesses. Each website has an attractive design and has been serach engine optimised (SEO) using our special techniques for on page, off page and off site search engine optimisation.

SEO practise

There is alot involved in SEO, and the process of getting a website onto the front page of search engines such as Google, and most people don’t understand the amount of work that is involved. But the fact is that with a web presense that has your business on the front page of Google will see your business triple, quadruple or more! … More and more people are using the net to find the tradesmen, service or products that they require, and we can see a time when EVERYONE will use the net for this process. Thats why its so vital for businesses to get on the net before they get left behind.

Getting to the top and staying there

A website needs to be maintained and updated to stay at the top once its there. Other businesses are beginning to cotton on just how important a web presense is, and the competition to be on the front page of Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine is hotting up. Thats why we’re offering this unique opportunity to businesses in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

We’ve built an array of attractive websites that are designed to fit any company logo and details. We’re using SEO techniques to get these websites onto the front page of Google. Once there they’ll be available to hire by small businesses local to London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We will even register their company trading name and put a redirect on it to the our website. Which means for all intents and purposes it is their website on the front page, and they will see for themselves how quick they make their money back.

Watch this space!!!!