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Today DeepSpaceDesign are pleased to announce that we have secured a deal with Lingfield Press that ensures we can keep our prices lower than our competitors on all of our print services.

The Printing Maze of confusion

Printing is a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated. There are so many different variations in print formats and materials that it gets confusing for the customers.  For example, say a customer would like a thousand business cards. It seems simple enough.. he/she asks: “Can I have a quote for 1000 business cards please?” …

Well sure .. but .. Do you want lithograph or digital? Would you like it one colour, two colour, three colour or four colour? Do you want it 200 gsm weight? 400 gsm weight, 300, 350? Single or double sided? Matt or gloss laminate? … Theres alot to discern before an accurate quote can be given, and this is how customers end up with a product which they aren’t happy with.

People order print services over the Internet, whether its business cards, flyers, post cards or letterheads, and more often than not the print company will quote for the cheapest option.  Yes it secures the sale, but at the end of the day the customer isn’t happy with an inferior product! We at DeepSpaceDesign only like to deliver our customers quality services, whether thats websites, graphic design or print.  So on the face of it the customer might be given cheaper quotes elsewhere .. but as the old adage says .. “You get what you pay for!”

High Quality Printing Services for our customers

Lingfield Press LTD are a top quality printing company in West Sussex, and we’ve teamed up with them to give our customers the best deals possible. Shortly we’ll be introducing a page dedicated to them so you can find out about them for yourselves. We think they’re the best, and if you see the end product i’m sure you would do too. Check out our print services page.

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