Dark Knight Viral Campaign

The makers of the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises due out in 2012 have already started their viral campaign.  They’ve put up their website here which is just a black screen with some strange and mysterious chanting playing in the background.  And they’ve made use of a the latest mosaic technology from HashtagArt that builds an images from thousands of Twitterers that tweet “#thefirerises”.  It took a while to display the image that was made of tiny Twitter profile pics and anticipation abounded as to what the image would be.  It turned out it was a photo of the latest batman villain Bane played by Tom Hardy.

Batmans viral campaign

It wasn’t Warner Bros that came up with this genius idea and mystery surrounds just who it is behind Batmans latest viral campaign.  Whoever it is is doing a great job and I for one can’t wait for the films release!

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