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Our Web Presenters

Select One Of Our Fantastic Web Presenters

We only have the best presenters for our clients websites. All are highly experienced in presenting and offer a chance to add a new dimension to websites. Click on each presenter above to view a demonstration and find out more about their presenting backgrounds.

We have taken our time in selecting the best profile of presenter for each industry. Each business sector may require a different style and a different approach for web presenters and web videos. We feel we have the best presenters for each industry sector, and have the experise to script and style your video so that your market potential can be maximised to the full.

We also offer:-

Web Presenters Bring Your Website To Life

A professional web presenter can bring your website alive and offer a friendly face to your visitors. Web presenters can be used to show case products, offer demonstrations or just as a welcome greeting. Interaction between Flash, or web elements and a web presenter can also offer an impressive addition to a web page and actually help with your website navigation.

Our aim is to make web videos and advertisements affordable to all. Generally a 30 second video with a professional website presenter is enough to deliver the message of a website. The blend of visual and audio can say more in 30 seconds than many pages of text.

Web Video And Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Web video and web presenters are the future of websites and web design, and can not only help to increase sales, but can actually help to increase search engine ranking positions.

We specialise in SEO and have noticed a trend in websites that have web video with voice jumping higher up the Google rankings. Google now has the ability to scan speech for words, so your keywords can now be picked up in voice as well as text.

Order Online At Our Shopping Store

Visit our online store. We have created an online store to make ordering and purchasing designs much easier than ever before. Its run by Google Checkout so is the safest way to buy online. We have numerous graphic design packages, as well as printed materials like flyers, brochures, business cards and more. Check it out now.

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Web Presenters

If a picture can say a thousand words.. how many words can a video say?

All websites have a clear goal and message. They are either selling a product or service, or providing information about an organization or business. This information is held on web pages, and generally the visitors have to read and navigate their way through the pages.

With a professional web video we can narrate the information to them using our voice over artists, or web presenters, and convey the message to them visually, thus enhancing the overall experience.

20% off websites

Packages available

We offer discounts for web, graphic and print packages. Order a web video and presenter in conjunction with web design, or SEO, or other graphic design services and save ££££'s.

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