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Accessibility - helping to make the Internet accessible to everyone

Accessibility is a big issue with web design, and catering for people with disabilities should be par for the course when developing a website. People with disabilities rely on the web even more than people without disabilities, which is why it is so important to make websites accessible and friendly for everyone.

There are numerous ways to adapt your Internet browser to enlarge text, or make surfing the Internet easier, but it is also important that websites are built with these accessibility issues in mind. Shown below are the most popular web browsers and how to make them accessible.

We work as a close knit team, and our members possess a diverse range of skills aimed at providing businesses with a clear identity in branding, marketing and Internet related technology.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - all versions

  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser
  • Choose the drop down menu at the top of the window of the browser marked “view”
  • A list of options will appear in the drop down menu, choose “text size”
  • Next another drop down menu should appear with options including “small”, “medium”, “large”, “largest”
  • Select “largest”.

The text in your browser window should now appear larger. If this is still too small for you then it may be that you need to look at other ways of enlarging the text on your screen, such as screen magnification software.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Integrated web search via Ctrl+K is much faster to use than first going to the search tool's web site. Custom searches can be added to this quick search bar and the user can switch between them by choosing from a drop down available via the standard Alt+down arrow key combination.
  • The built-in text zoom feature can be accessed with the Ctrl+plus and Ctrl+minus hotkeys.
  • The Accessibility Extension may be installed on top of Firefox, allowing keyboard access to document structure.
  • The Find Bar allows for quick navigation to links and text searching without opening a separate dialog -- this allows more convenient use by screen magnification users because there is a single point of regard for the search. It also assists users of input aids because there are far fewer keys to type to get the desired location. For example, it is possible to navigate to the desired link by pressing 2 letter keys rather than tabbing through many links to get there. Caret browsing allows you to move through web content one letter a time. You can even select web content and copy it to the clipboard. -- all with the keyboard


Apple Mac

Apple are constantly striving to make the Apple Mac evermore accessible to people with disabilities. There are numerous facilities built in that can be adapted, and the standard Apple browser Safari makes browsing the Internet accessible as ever. Read more about Apples accessibility here

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